Well, there's quite the debate over the appearance of President Barack Obama on Thursday morning's "The View." The interview was taped Wednesday but irrespective of what he said or didn't say, everyone's got an opinion. 

Mine simply is: Of course he should've gone on. Why not? What's the harm? None to him -- none at all.

Politicians covet soft, friendlly, nonconfrontational interviews -- those are money in the bank. The ladies of "The View" have never once -- once, and I ask anyone to find the instance and I'll post -- said a negative word about the Prez. Maybe Elisabeth, but she's hushed up faster 'n a yappin' pup.

For Obama, this was a smart move. Is there something wrong with appearing on a "daytime talk show"? What? Why? Because it's "daytime"?

Nonsense. If it was "Jerry Springer," then, yes, you might have a point there. But this show -- for its manifold faults, characterized mostly by a preference for heat over light, bombast over real knowledge -- does make an effort to talk about serious subjects every day. That's one of the secrets to its success: An ability to tap into issues that people, largely women at home, are talking and thinking about. 

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We'll see a little later just how soft this interview will be, but if the hardest question Babs asks is "what is your thorn, what is your rose?"  God help us all if she asks him "what kind of tree are you?" Then we're in for a long hour. 

Some clips! The second one is from March '08; plus it does appear today is actually his third appearance, first as prez.