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Shubha Vedula pleases the crowd, Brandy Hotard gets panned on 'American Idol'

Brandy Hotard up next on "American Idol," in a simple black dress, singing Travis Tritt's "Anymore." Her performance is clean; nothing fancy here, just someone with a powerful voice singing. I don't think the song itself is that strong, but she gets out of it what she can and leaves no doubt that she'd be all country, all the time if she moves on.

Urban says "your voice is really, really good," but says she was inconsistent with her emotional portrayal, that sometimes it wasn't believable. Minaj likewise didn't like how she was smiling while singing words about a broken heart, calls it a "pageant" performance, didn't think it was "truthful" to the song. Jackson says she's in "a little bit of trouble tonight,"  while a rambling Carey didn't notice if she was smiling and wonders if the new stage and audience threw her off.

Shubha Vedula, one of my favorites, up next; starts sitting at the piano, doing "Born This Way," and she's compelling from the start. Huge voice; silver slacks and black top. She jumps up and shows she's not a great dancer .?.?. it feels a bit mechanical and even awkward. But tons of attitude and she's for sure got the vocal chops. 

Urban notes that the audience "loved" that, calls it "confusing" yet says her voice "came powering through." Minaj says she almost feels like there's a "comical" thing going on with her, a "mashup" of a bunch of different styles. She's getting booed by the audience but Minaj is dead right. Jackson says at 17, "you've got unbelievable potential and talent," tells her not to overdo it; wanted her to chill out and stay at the piano. Carey agrees,  says she was "less forced" at the piano, wasn't just trying to please the crowd.

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