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'Siberia,' NBC's new 'reality' series, may not be real


Is "Siberia" a real reality show, or something altogether different? Tune in Monday to find out. Photo Credit: NBC

Ah, what do have we here? A new reality series? On NBC? Monday, at 10? Yes, "Siberia" is coming, and let's play a little game, if of course, you have the time. You decide whether this is a real reality series or something altogether different.

No cheating! No Googling, or Binging, or whatever the heck we do when we need instant answers and gratification. Just watch the opening, or the whole thing, and remember: NBC is in the midst of its own horror reality game, trying to get viewers and divert at least some attention from the red-hot "Under the Dome" on CBS (and good luck with that).

The call has gone out to "Siberia" to do so. (My review Monday, will reveal whether "Siberia" is real or that altogether-something-different show. Of course, I suspect you already know the answer, but this is still a clever move by the network. We'll see if it works.


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