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Silly poll states obvious about 'Jersey Shore'

The full cast of

The full cast of "Jersey Shore," which premiers its new season in January 2011, soaks in the hot tub on a terrace. Credit: MTV, 2010

Do you hate New Jersey because "Jersey Shore" is filmed there? Do you like Jersey for same reason? Do you care? Is it important? Is this the dumbest idea for a poll you've ever heard?

The Associated Press this morning has a write-up on this subject, and bottom line: The show has zero impact on whether or not you like the shore, or the state. And so, life goes on. (Fortunately, the poll was not funded by taxpayers.)

Here's the kicker of the piece:

"Perhaps the most surprising result of the poll was that 69 percent of those surveyed had not seen an episode of 'Jersey Shore.'”

(So, if most people have not seen the show, what difference does the show have or could conceivably have on their attitude -- other than perhaps what they read? Unless they've never read anything about it either. And why do a poll -- except Gov. Christie said a couple years ago that it was hurting the state -- during the season when it was taped in South Beach, Fla.?) 

The Fairleigh Dickinson poll found that "43 percent of those who have seen the show have a favorable opinion of New Jersey, while 41 percent who’ve never seen it also think New Jersey is great. " Thanks FDU.

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