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'Simpsons' tribute to Alan Rickman inadvertently includes David Bowie

The Simpsons' Alan Rickman, David Bowie tribute

By now, it's no secret that "The Simpsons" has had numerous celebrity cameos in their 27 years on air. Phil Hartman, Tony Bennett, Reese Witherspoon and even Michael Jackson lent their voices to the Fox show.

But when the long-running comedy tweeted their tribute to Alan Rickman this week, the clip also inadvertently included an homage to late pop icon David Bowie.

The snippet, according to Entertainment Weekly, is from a 3-year-old Valentine’s Day episode called "Love, Indubitably." It features Benedict Cumberbatch as Professor Snape — the character Alan Rickman made famous in the "Harry Potter" films.

The part fans can't believe is that the same one-minute take also includes the song “All the Young Dudes," which Bowie wrote.

Neither Rickman nor Bowie ever guest starred on "The Simpsons" themselves. But considering both died unexpectedly this week after losing their respective battles with cancer, EW writes, "The clip serves as an accidental but thoughtful tribute to both artistic greats."

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