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Simpsons World website launches Tuesday

The most iconic voices in TV history --

The most iconic voices in TV history -- and most of them do not merely voice one iconic character, but several. Photo Credit: AP

Finally, at long last, the perfect way to waste or enrich -- your choice -- every spare moment of your life not devoted to sleep: Simpsons World is here. Fox earlier Monday said the website for all things "Simpsons" will launch Tuesday. (And to get a jump, the app is available now at the iTunes app store...) 

Simpsons World -- what can we say about this that doesn't have the distinct whiff of hyperbole or fanboy nerdiness? Nothing, so here goes: Simpsons World, if the delivery matches the promise, should be the best app ever devoted to a single show, comprising not merely the entire run of "The Simpsons" (522 episodes -- try and match that, Mr. Peyton Manning....) but a goldmine of Simpsoniana trivia, arcana, nebulous factoids, and even ways of massaging all that overload into a way that would personalize "The Simpsons" for the user...or per FX, it will have "a premium video player that will provide recommendations to other clips and episodes users would enjoy as well as the ability for users to share content on their social networks."

Here's what FX chief of marketing, Stephanie Gibbons, said at the recent press tour:

"We [also] have plans to reward viewers. Because there’s such a plethora of content, we have plans to award using doughnuts, an iconographic element that’s indigenous to 'The Simpsons' that we will track where people will be able to uncover special rarities and content behind the scenes, original content developed by the team behind the show, basically, through their dedication and their fandom, be able to explore elements that won’t be available to general civilians."

Cost? Good question. I understand that it requires cable subscription authentication, similar to what's provided for Showtime Anytime and HBO Go.


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