Mary K. Blige can't hide her laughter as "American Idol" shows a string of just dreadful contestants, only one of whom shows any self-awareness.

Simon ditches the group for a bit, as cop Bryan Walker shows up. Seems like a nice guy, doing "Superstar." Hey, the guy can sing, a really nice country tone actually. Mellow and sincere, I actually want him to keep singing.

Kara calls it "great," Randy says "you look nothing like you sound like." I like him, hope he stays around -- too bad Simon missed out.

Lamar Royal then embarrasses himself in front of his idol Blige, although he's oblivious. "I just don't think you're that good" says Randy. Blige tells him "you have to fine some humility in order to do this, and stop trying to exult yourself." Wow, Idol should give every contestant a shirt with that on it!

He winds up swearing at them, is totally not listening. Finally security, in the form of three big guys walk him out. He's swearing up a blue streak on his way out, Blige says she was getting ready to do some ducking in case he pulled out a gun or something.

Is Bryan Walker the real deal, or is the singing cop just a gimmick? Click on 'add a comment' at the bottom of this post

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