Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox turned in the most memorable performance on a pretty blah night for "American Idol," as the eight women fought it out to make the cut to the top twelve.

It was odd, I thought the judges were really playing favorites tonight -- oddly pumping up Didi Benami (who really should've been cut last week), and being totally harsh with Paige Miles and Siobhan.

They were, however, spot on when they ripped Katelyn Epperly for turning in an oddly energy-less performance.

Here's how I ranked everyone; don't forget to put in your rankings in the comments, below: 

1) Siobhan Magnus' partly-a capella "House of the Rising Sun" was one of the rare performances this year I'd listen to again, thought the judges were too harsh on her.

2) Crystal Bowersox was a pro among girls with "Give Me One Reason," as Simon says, she's the one to beat right now.

3) Lacey Brown did a great job singing and performing "The Story," she seems like she's ready for the radio already.

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4) Lilly Scott had no time for her brave "Fall to Pieces" since she was up last; I thought it showed off her interesting voice.

5) Paige Miles's "Smile" brought out the hate in the judges, but I thought it was worth listening to.

6) Katie Stevens has high likeability and was fine on "Breakaway," but like the judges said what kind of an artist will she be?

7) Didi Benami had the judges somehow loving her "Rhiannon," but for me it was nothing special.

8) Katelyn Epperly gave one of the worst performances of the semis in my opinion with her "I Feel the Earth Move" -- no energy, likely no finals berth.

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