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Siobhan Magnus and Katelyn Epperly show superstar potential on 'American Idol'

Semifinalist Siobhan Magnus performs in front of the

Semifinalist Siobhan Magnus performs in front of the judges on "American Idol" airing March 3, 2010. Photo Credit: Fox

Simon thought Crystal Bowersox topped an up-and-down night for the top 10 women semifinalists on "American Idol," but Siobhan Magnus and Katelyn Epperly were the real breakout stars of the night.

I'm with Randy, that high note Siobhan hit on Aretha Franklin's "Think" was ridiculous. she's a quirky, funny person with a ton of potential -- the best part of "Idol" is watching someone turn into a star in front of our eyes, and that could be Siobhan.

Ditto for Katelyn; I mean, Crystal probably has the stronger voice, but for whatever reason I really like Katelyn's personality and she's the one I'm excited to see more of.

Here's how I ranked the performers tonight, be sure to put in your thoughts in the comments:

1) Siobhan Magnus hit an amazing high note on "Think." The song was all wrong for her but somehow she's got us all talking about her.

2) Katelyn Epperly has some crazy X-factor going on, as Kara noted. "The Scientist" wasn't amazing, but she showed flashes of superstar.

3) Lilly Scott put her own spin on "A Change Is Gonna Come." Her unique tone kept me listening if not "riveted."

4) Michelle Delamor's "With Arms Wide Open" made me want more and showed off her powerful pipes.

5) Katie Stevens didn't find her vibe with "Put Your Records On," but her super-charm has me loving her performance anyway.

6) Crystal Bowersox had the judges gushing over her "Long As I Can See the Light." For whatever reason it didn't make me cheer.

7) Lacey Brown was pleasant and fun to listen to, if not super-original, with "Kiss Me."

8) Haeley Vaughan "fell off" while singing "The Climb" according to Simon and the other judges, but I thought she connected.

9) Paige Miles performed well but was a bit underwhelming with "Walk Away."

10) Didi Benami went shrill with "Lean on Me." It was fun watching her perform but vocally it was a mess.

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