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Siobhan Magnus gets huge praise from Usher, but then nerves get to her

Siobhan Magnus tells Usher she's "wicked nervous," and that she's loved him forever. Singing "Through the Fire," he says she actually has the voice.

He gives her some advice about her wardrobe, "you want to make sure you don't have so much going on that people get away from what you have to offer as a vocalist." Right on.

Says her "unique vocal ability" separates her from the pack, and that she has a "true shot at being an incredible artist."

Not my favorite song, but she does have a good voice. She's wearing a black top and white wrap, high boots. It's kind of an odd look. Nails the high note halfway through, a bit off-key though, actually, and it's a bit painful at times for me. I'm a big Siobhan fan, but it's not her best.

Randy says a bit off-key, Ellen agrees it's not her best. Kara says you seemed a bit nervous, Simon says it's like "you ran a marathon, and you were out of breath."

Calls it "by far your weakest performance."

I agree with Kara. It's like she wanted to impress Usher. Oh well, everyone's entitled to an off week.

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