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Siobhan Magnus goes Adam Lambert, takes over 'American Idol' with her screeeaaaaammmm

Siobhan Magnus, who might be my favorite "American Idol" finalist, seems to come from a cool hippie family, arts were big. Doing "Paint it Black," I'm totally excited even before she sings, think this is a great choice.

Wow, black dress, sitting on the red stairs, slow and controlled, but nice pacing despite the unusual phrasing. Deep, throaty voice; at some point she's gonna totally go crazy and kick this to another level.

Man, huuuuuge last lines, she's screaming, but it's totally controlled! Then she takes it down, finishes totally drawn-out, man! This is so Adam Lambert; totally creative take, people are either gonna love it or hate it. Wow, huge reaction from the audience.

Randy says, "that was hot!" Ellen is so excited, loves the look and the sound. Kara says, "flashbacks of Adam Lambert," the best tonight.

Simon agrees, "standout performance of the night," says she's gone to another level. "A lot of people are going to love that, a lot will hate it -- which is a good place to be." 

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