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Siobhan Magnus goes 'polite,' tears up on 'American Idol'

Siobhan Magnus sings "Across the Universe" on "American Idol." Everyone agrees that she's totally unique, or weird, or amazing, with an incredible voice. "Those notes that she hits are ree-di-cu-lous," says Katie Stevens.

I always get excited before she sings; up there in a white wedding-ish dress, with a vest-ish scarf over it. Slow, controlled, totally at ease on a stool. What a different take on the song.

Man, her pure vocal is just floating out there; gentle, caressing. Audience is dead quiet listening. She's giving us a moment here; can't stop listening. Talk about vulnerable and showing yourself ... Such a different side of herself.

Randy says he loves wondering every week what she's going to do, loves the outfit; a bit sleepy, but loved the tender side and her artistry. Ellen likes how she always "honors who you are," loved that it was different and beautiful. Kara says great vocally, just too restrained and polite, not current.

Simon asks what she was thinking; she breaks down talking about how she's here for her baby sisters, won't let the experience on "Idol" change who she is. Audience applauds; Simon picks his words carefully, likes how she's unpredictable and confuses people, much better than before.

Crazy loud guy in the audience, Earl, gets to come up on stage and hug her; he was booing Simon before.

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