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Siobhan Magnus left behind as the ‘Shania Twain’ leaves the station with the Top Five

AMERICAN IDOL: Shania Twain mentors the top 6

AMERICAN IDOL: Shania Twain mentors the top 6 finalists, and each will perform from her songbook on AMERICAN IDOL airing Tuesday; April 27, 2010 on FOX. Photo Credit: Fox

In spite of the fact that Siobhan Magnus had the pimp spot and was lauded by all four judges, she got booted off American Idol this week.  Even Simon Cowell, who we all know is NOT a country fan, liked her “punk country” rendition of Shania Twain's  “Any Man of Mine.” 

While screaming and individuality worked for Adam Lambert, it was the bane of the glassblower from Massachusetts.  For me, her voice was pure and the best of the bunch.  And my granddaughter Alex gave her a sitting ovation (she was too comfy in her Pottery Barn Anywhere chair to get up).

The other adults in my group were not so surprised to see Siobhan in the bottom three. HOWEVER, no one thought she would be the one to go home. 

Lee DeWyze’s take on “You’re Still the One” was a perfect fit, and all of the judges agreed that he did a great job.  He’s now my pick to win.

Big Mike Lynche sang “It Only Hurts When I Breathe.”  Yikes, another drippy, slow song which most of us had never heard before (we’re not big on country music, just the crossover songs).  It hurts when I listen to him sing, so I say “so long, Big Mike, your time is up….please go…!” 

On the flip side representing the tween perspective, Deanna T. sweated it out for a moment when Big Mike was in the bottom three but did the Big Mike shuffle when he was saved, dancing around the living room with her thumbs up high in the air.  Conversely, three-year old Alex screamed out at the top of her lungs “I don’t like Big Mike.” 

Simon commented that Mike’s performance “was a bit girly.”  Duh, the song was written by Shania who is a girl!  

Casey James, sporting that Goldilocks’s do again, sang “Don’t,” giving that extra something to make it a memorable performance.  He finally got some good feedback from the judges, but he still wound up in the bottom three.  We're at the point where someone good is going to be eliminated each week. 

Likewise, Aaron Kelly gave a sincere, believable rendition of “It’s in the Way You Love Me,” and dedicated the song to his mom, changing the lyrics to suit his situation.  Little Aaron, as we suspected, inherited the Tim Urban teen/tween votes, so we knew he would be safe this week.  He, too, aced his performance.  Tween Nicky T. was VERY relieved and thrilled that Aaron was not in the bottom three and was saved. 

Frontrunner Crystal Bowersox was told “Shocker, we don’t like Crystal this week.”  It’s becoming hard for her to top her previous performances, which are all standouts.  She sang “No One Needs to Know Right Now,” and said that it was a message to her boyfriend.  I thought that since she picked a rather obscure, cutesy song, she just might be in the bottom three.  I was wrong!

Hey, at the start of season 9 of American Idol, the judges predicted that this was going to be a GIRLS year.  Well, so much for their prediction!  Crystal, the last girl standing, has a mighty task on her hands to fulfill the judges’ prediction.

So, it’s a Crystal Bowersox vs. four guys challenge next week as the top five try to put their mark one of Frank Sinatra’s songs with the help of guest mentor Harry Connick Jr.  There will definitely be a lot less color in this week’s performances due to the absence of the quirky Siobhan Magnus.

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