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Siobhan Magnus' scream tops 'American Idol,' Aaron Kelly second with surprise soul

"American Idol" Season 9 Top 12 finalist Siobhan Magnus. Photo Credit: Fox

Siobhan Magnus owned "American Idol" tonight with her unique and powerful take on "Paint It Black" -- you couldn't take your eyes off her, and if you did, her controlled screammmmmm at the end definitely got your attention.

And, like Adam Lambert, everyone either loved her or hated her. In a season that's lacked any drama or controversy, she brought it, big time. And we should all thank her for giving us a reason to tune into "American Idol" each week again.

As Simon told Crystal Bowersox, "first time when I think you were beaten by somebody -- Siobhan."

Young Aaron Kelly was definitely tops among guys with his sneaky-good "Angie." I wouldn't compare him to Justin Timberlake like Randy did, but his mobilized fans see no difference. He's really likeable and people root for him. I'm looking forward to seeing him grow.

Here's how I rated the "American Idol" finalists tonight; don't forget to put in your own rankings in the comments, below:

1) Siobhan Magnus is who everyone's gonna be talking about. Like Kara, I saw flashbacks of Adam Lambert, with the scream and the creativity and the fearlessness.

2) Aaron Kelly was surprisingly good with a soulful, sincere "Angie." As Simon said, as young as he is, he should've been in trouble this week but made a perfect choice.

3) Didi Benami came out fierce on "Playing With Fire." I thought she was intense, sultry and totally memorable.

4) Lee Dewyze put his own pleasant take on"Beast of Burden," nothing great but he's really got a great tone, and as Simon noted, he has huge potential.

5) Crystal Bowersox admitted she was a bit off her game. But she still sang "You Can't Always Get What You Want" better than almost everyone else.

6) Lacey Brown may have been a bit robotic on "Ruby Tuesday," but she's such a great personality I enjoyed it anyway.

7) Paige Miles performed "Honky Tonk Women" really well, and showed off her big voice. It didn't quite connect for me, but she's back in it.

8) Katie Stevens was dramatic and better-than-expected on a tough theme week for her with "Wild Horses."

9) Michael Lynche was just OKy in "Miss You." As Simon said, it was oddly enough a little "desperate."

10) Andrew Garcia missed the point of "Gimme Shelter." As Kara said, pitchy despite his great talent.

11) Casey James' "It's All Over Now" was just OK for me. Like Simon, I didn't think he owned the stage.

12) Tim Urban's "crazy decision" to go reggae with "Under My Thumb" was totally weird to Simon, and probably most viewers.

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