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Siobhan Magnus voted off, no point in watching 'American Idol' anymore

Siobhan Magnus performs on 'American Idol.' (April 27,

Siobhan Magnus performs on 'American Idol.' (April 27, 2010) Photo Credit: Fox

Casey James or Siobhan Magnus is about to get booted off  "American Idol." Neither deserve it this week -- Casey turned in his best performance of the year and quirky Siobhan was my fave, but the show's not always fair. I think it'll be Casey.

Oh no, it's my favorite, Siobhan Magnus! Wow, "Idol" just lost its most creative and interesting contestant, and it was the first time she was ever in the bottom three. I'm a bit stunned -- this is a little like when Chris Daughtry lost out to clearly inferior talents a few seasons back.

I mean, really; there's just no point in watching this season anymore. Lee DeWyze is interesting, but that's it. The others are just blah.

Oh, she's singing Aretha's "Think" for her farewell, which means we'll get that amazing scream again. Hug her family afterward, and the judges.

Aaron Kelly, Michael Lynche and Casey James all should've gone before Siobhan. I'd even have voted Crystal Bowersox off; all of them do the same thing every week, and if they do stick their necks out they fail.

In some ways, it's the most appropriate outcome for what's been a mediocore season for "Idol." Really, I'm just numb at this point; even Simon seems to have lost all interest, so why do we still care?

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