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Skii Bo Ski startles the judges, Carmen Turner moves on without her BFF

Hopefuls arrive in Atlanta to audition for Season

Hopefuls arrive in Atlanta to audition for Season 9 of "American Idol." Photo Credit: Fox

Skii Bo Ski baby brings "American Idol" back from break, his own nickname's spelled wrong on his shirt. He's a ham, but entertaining in his bright red shirt and funky glasse.

Man, and the guy can sing! "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" has got the judges hooting and hollering, he's totally all about his schtick but has got a voice. Simon pans him, but Kara says she "thought it was going to be a disaster, but you really have a good voice."

Mary K. Blige loves his vocals, not so much his image as he hits on her. Randy tells him to "lose all the other nonsense." He jumps around with the waiting contestants, this guy is gonna be fun to watch in Hollywood.

Dolled-up BFFs Carmen Turner and Lauren Sanders bring their act into the room, strike me as aspiring bimbos -- but nice, probably. "Annoying, annoying, annoying" mutters Simon.

Lauren first, she can't sing, Simon cuts her off after a few seconds. Carmen next, she's loud but can't sing either. Simon likes them together, Randy says yes to Carmen, no to Lauren; I'm surprised they're even taking this seriously.

Simon lobbies for them to be accepted or not as a group. Yes to Carmen, no to Lauren for Kara; Blige says the same, Simon says he'd have said no to both. Now I feel bad for making fun of them, they're sobbing because they're not both moving on. Awww....

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