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Skylar Laine, Chase Liens, Colton Dixon stiff but effective on 'American Idol'

Seventy contestants are left as "American Idol" starts its Las Vegas round with music of the 50s.

They take buses to get there from Hollywood; this is where I make my yearly plea that Fox bring some "Big Brother" to this show -- who sat next to whom on the bus, what were the meals like, how did they decide on roommates; these things are interesting and would help us develop rooting interests, show them!

Skylar Laine gets spotlighted in her group; Colton Dixon's up there, too, didn't know his sister also made it. Cari Quoyeser starts the group out on with her unusual tone on "Dedicated to the One I Love," Chase Liens picks it up.

Wow, Laine shows off her brassy pipes, Dixon is also good. No real life to the group overall, feels a bit stagey and forced, but some nice vocal solos. Judges liked the harmonies, even as applause from the other contestants is tepid. They all move on, except for Quoyeser.

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