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Good Morning

'Smash' begins...ummmm....right now

Megan Hilty, left, and Katharine McPhee in “Smash.”

Megan Hilty, left, and Katharine McPhee in “Smash.” (Will Hart/NBC) Credit: Megan Hilty, left, and Katharine McPhee in “Smash.” (Will Hart/NBC)

"Smash" — easily the biggest pilot on NBC this season — launches two weeks from today...

Or does it?

In a rather unusual strategem to get this newcomer into the hearts and minds of viewers — virally as it were — before the broadcast premiere, "Smash" is available right here, right now. Actually, it's on Youtube, but because NBC allows the embed to be cut and pasted, no reason to go there. Stay right here! (Why is NBC doing this? Good question: Even though it will get promoted on the Super Bowl, NBC rightfully assumes the audience — though vast — is not exactly in the "Smash" wheelhouse. Moreover, the show will preview one night only then launch officially in March...)

So, you be the critic. You be the judge. You say whether this is good or needs a metaphoric New Haven tryout first. (Come to think of it, this web tryout is New Haven.) You ruminate on the highs and lows of Broadway and its cousin, TV... You decide whether Kat McPhee is still as fabulous as you remember her...Take it away, "Smash:" 

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