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Smiley Rachel Hale stars, Aubrey Cleland 'balance of poise and fire' on 'American Idol'

Aubrey Cleland next on "American Idol," doing an ethereal version of Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams." She looks fantastic and hits all of the notes and is in control — particularly nice on the last note, like a bird. Her voice is a bit thin for the song, but a good performance.

Keith Urban liked her "balance of poise and fire." Nicki Minaj starts simply, "I am obsessed with you." Loved her, praises the "rich texture" of her voice, says she sounds and looks like a star. Randy Jackson tells her she's a "great commercial artist," while Mariah Carey just says "I think you're limitless." 

Smiley Rachel Hale next, doing "Nothing But the Water." She's got me from the get-go — powerful, slow start, tons of passion; absolutely confident, struts around the stage. Has the judges smiling and nodding along. Combine that voice with her high likability, good looks and million dollar smile, and you could be looking at a dark horse to win this thing.

Urban isn't sure she mastered the song, but loved her "spirit." Minaj liked her "crazy confidence," and how she "came alive on stage." Jackson is "happy you chose an up-tempo song," praises how she was "fearless." Carey liked her smile.

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