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‘SNL’ much quieter, less political without Alec Baldwin

Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat played MSNBC talk

Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat played MSNBC talk heads (and newly engaged couple) Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough on "Saturday Night Live" on May 6, 2017. Credit: NBC

Back for May sweeps and the final three editions of the 42nd season, “Saturday Night Live” had a quiet Chris Pine-hosted re-entry on May 6 after a few weeks off.

Which is to say: No Alec Baldwin, at least in person.

Without Baldwin and his jowly, lip-thrusting, bumptious Donald Trump, “SNL” becomes another show altogether — less political, less galvanizing, altogether less interesting (or also less irritating, depending on how you feel about the impression). Baldwin is expected to be back for the final two, and those will possibly be (he has indicated) his last. If so, the May 6 edition may be a future foretold.

Nevertheless, the cold open was a good one: Kate McKinnon and Alex Moffat played preening lovebirds Mika Brzezinski and Alex Moffat from “Morning Joe” (engaged in real life, you no doubt may have heard), who then fielded a call from a White House “media spokesman” by the name of one “John Miller.”

He sounded familiar. Could it be? Yes, it could be. Even when he’s not on the show, Baldwin still knows how to make an entrance. (According to some reports last year, Trump occasionally called reporters long ago, using the name “John Miller,” while attempting to disguise his voice.)

“I’m sort of new here,” explained “Miller”/Baldwin, who then said he was “just celebrating the fantastic success” of the House vote on the American Health Care act.

“The disaster that was Obamacare has finally been repealed.”

“Hold on,” said Joe. “It still has to pass the Senate.”

Miller: “What now? But there was beer.”

He hung up, then Mika/McKinnon: “I want to say, the president is mentally ill.”

Joe/Moffat: “Mika, you’re being naughty, you’re being real naughty. You’re a bad kitty.”


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