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Few Clouds 41° Good Afternoon

"SNL:" The Sarah Palin Network

The Sarah Palin Network? Not an uninteresting idea at all. Last night, Sarah Palin unveiled her new media venture in this exclusive via NBC.

There's much here of interest, notably "Gotcha, Jornallist!," a re-editing of past Palin interviews to make it appear as though the reporter or anchor is caught off-guard. Clever indeed.

Anyway, here was the special announcement: 



OK, someone just told me that isn't really Sarah Palin and there is no such thing as the Sarah Palin network. It's just Tina Fey, promoting her new movie with Steve Carrel called "Date Night."  I'm somewhat prove that this was indeed TF, here's her return to the news desk last night (first time since the last election,  I think...) 


 Yup, Justin Bieber was on last night too promoting his incredible talent/hair.




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