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Snooki bust: The beach is suddenly safer


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi poses in an undated publicity photo. Credit: MTV

 So: Let's say you get summoned to an executive meeting after lunch, and the boss pipes up - "Howabout that Snooki bust late night!" - and of course you have no idea what he's talking about because you were falling asleep during the Piers Morgan launch on CNN, but then suddenly realize that if you don't say something half intelligible about "that Snooki bust" then that raise you were looking so desperately for will evaporate before your very eyes because it'll make your boss look like a total idiot and the only one at the meeting who actually watched Snooks getting hauled off to the chill factory last night.  

  Because I want you to get that raise, take a look at the following video. Thank me later (and a pox on you MTV for not posting a better video on the site. I won't forget...). 

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