51° Good Afternoon
51° Good Afternoon

Snooki, Letterman, Sammi, 'Jersey Shore'...

 Good heavens, what a night on "Jersey Shore." Let's recap: Sammi and Ron have an enormous  screaming non-hair-pulling brawl over the fact that they are both raging idiots and then Sammi screams "I hate you" about a hundred and three times which pretty much sets Ron off who storms out of the house, heads to Aztec, gets trashed, and then Sammi turns up and says she wants to have sex with anyone at all - except for Ron - which then sets off Ron again who heads back to the house and trashes her/their room and steps on her precious damn glasses, which pretty much helps her makes up her mind to move out.

  Which she does. 

  Meanwhile, Snooki was on "Late Show" last night. He wonders if she has a drinking problem. Snooki: "I definitely don't..."


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