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'Sons of Anarchy' back tonight

Charlie Hunnam, left, and Ron Perlman in

Charlie Hunnam, left, and Ron Perlman in "Sons of Anarchy." Credit: FX

"Sons of Anarchy," one of the very best shows on television, returns tonight for the fifth season (FX, 10) and this afternoon, a potluck post with a good clip that includes an extended scene. (I'll get to a real review in this space for next week's second episode.) As you are aware, Harold Perrineau and Jimmy Smits join up this season.

  In other words, this is gonna be a good one...

  First, show runner Kurt Sutter had a few thoughts at the recent press tour; here are just a couple...

My sense of where the show will end up includes definitely includes Jax and perhaps Gemma and Clay. I don’t know you know, I guess my short answer to that is yes. I don’t think the show continues without Jax because I believe it’s his journey. But I think as we come into Season 5 and really, I’ve said this before, it’s really the first season I’ve had to have a very clear sense of what my end game is, because I realize that this season now, I have to write to that end game. So, you know, I think the stakes get higher with each season. The circumstances get more dire. The wreckage gets deeper, and I think as a result of that, you know, things will change. And I know that sounds ridiculously cryptic, but I don’t quite know how that all will fall apart, but I know that eventually it will. But the show is the prince’s journey, so there is no show without Jax.

  On Perrineau's new character...

The character of Damon Pope was a guy who had come out of the streets and really changed the perception of who he was. And I think I wanted a guy that had the ability to have refinement, to show some kind of vulnerability, and I knew that I wanted an actor who could play all those levels, that you would believe him in a suit and tie standing in front of a city council meeting, at the same time as somebody that had the depth and the ability to turn dark and to do some of the heinous things that he clearly does in the first couple of episodes. So to me, you know, there’s a handful of actors who can pull that off, and clearly Harold is one of them, and we were lucky to get him.

On Smits' new character:

 It was a character that I’d been thinking of for a couple seasons and had taken a couple different shapes and forms in the process, and we landed on the idea of Nero being a guy who was an outlaw but from a different environment and a guy that was a little bit more of an older brother or potentially a mentor figure. And then when we had the character, you know, as we usually do, we start we aim high, you know — and as we usually do, we aim high, you know, and sometimes we get that first choice and sometimes we don’t. And in the case of Jimmy, we got the first choice. He was the guy we were interested in getting, and I knew he was into the potential challenge of doing bigger arcs on shows by the work he had done on “Dexter,” so we do what we do. We begin with a conversation, and we talk about the character, and we take it from there.


 Now, to that clip... >


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