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Sorkin gets John Edwards (sort of)

In an interview released Monday, Rielle Hunter says

In an interview released Monday, Rielle Hunter says she told John Edwards not to run for president. (Jan. 3, 2008) Credit: Getty Images File

The big news in the publishing world and TV world: Aaron Sorkin has optioned "The Politician," the John Edwards book by former aide Andrew Young.

This is the same book that Edward's estranged wife, Elizabeth (in paraphrasing novelist Mary McCarthy about novelist Lillian Hellman) says every word is a lie, including "the, and, me, you, it ..." Sorkin will also direct, a first for him.

Sorkin on Edwards? At first blush, a natural: Highly talented TV script writer with a "complicated" past tackles highly talented politician with a "complicated" past.

Of course, one is then left to wonder whether that life is interesting or compelling enough to be rendered into a big-screen yarn that will draw millions of ticket buyers -- especially buyers who want everything in 3-D.

However, Sorkin has also written "The Social Network," the David Fincher-directed pic on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and it's hard to imagine that won't do extremely well, so let's withhold judgment.

The "Network" trailer, by the way... 



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