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Sorry, haters: Lindsay Lohan was good on 'Anger Management'

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan Credit: Getty Images

"Anger Management,"  Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen... What's wrong with this list? Surprisingly, at least for one night only, nothing actually. 

 My review: 

Yes, tacky. Really tacky. But what did you expect? It's FX's "Anger Management." Guilty as charged.

 But the surprise was that actress who made an extended cameo. You may have heard of her. Lindsay Lohan. She's heading to rehab, but first this, and "this" wasn't all that bad.

  Her timing was decent. Her sense of self-deprecation was appropriate. A couple of the lines were amusing.

  But most of all, there was an ember of something that has seemed totally lost in all the coverage, headlines and nonsense of the last few years: Lohan actually has some talent. "Anger Management," of all things, was a win for her.

 The entire episode was essentially a riff on her notoriety, with Charlie Sheen's character, Charlie Goodson -- an anger management therapist -- getting involved with her after she had finally bottomed out shooting commercials for a whiskey-flavored Japanese gum, or as she put it, "I agreed to do a Japanese girl and now I'm a drunk who has sex with bears for gum..."

 Every Lohan trope -- you know 'em well -- was a set-up for a gag: That she drinks (well) far too much, steals whatever is in sight, has corrupted the morals of a nation and is TMZ's most cherished object of coverage. But she played along, worked well with Sheen -- who isn't far behind her in terms of this "trope" list -- and even got a little payback in the process.

 A win, and Lohan, for the first time in a long time, has done something that isn’t about going to court.

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