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"South Park" terror attempt link...maybe?



There are reports out this morning that the Connecticut woman sold her Pathfinder to the man accused of the attempted bomb attack in Times Square just last Wednesday. That of course is a week, exactly, after the controversial "South Park" episode with the blacked-out images of Muhammad.

 Ealier reports said the car had been sold "several weeks" ago or a "few weeks" ago.

  But just last week.

  Repeat: Last Wedneday, the 28th, to be exact. One week after...

  And you know what that means: Peter King may be right.

  Here's what he said Sunday a.m., via Fox News:

  "It's one possibility out of 100, but this vehicle was close to a Viacom building, which owns MTV and Comedy Central," Rep. Peter King, R-NY, told an interviewer on
Sunday. "And you have the whole issue with 'South Park,' which Islamic terrorists were threatening to have retribution for. So all of these things have to be looked at."

  An attempted terror attack in response to a TV show? If established, that would be a first, no?

  The clip, in case you missed...Check it out about 1:19 seconds of many instances of the censored image.  Clearly, Comedy Central and Viacom thought the threat was very real, even if Matt Stone and and Trey Parker did not...The episode has been long gone from the website and the only way to see now are via these bootleg web copies that for some reason manage to circumvent copyright issues...



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