"House of Cards: Trilogy" (UK)

Series Spellbinding 1990 miniseries of British political back-stabbing, just adapted into Kevin Spacey's Netflix drama of American scheming, is beautifully remastered to look fresher than ever (along with its two sequels). Ian Richardson's classical skills serve him well as the conniving majority whip, whose to-the-camera confessions pull us into his twisted plots to fell rivals like dominoes and vault himself to prime minister. Deviously delightful, and surprisingly witty.

Extras Star, scriptwriter, producer reunite for commentary on first episode of each miniseries (beware spoilers!); plus, hour's inside look at Parliament, discussion of controversy over second series.

List price $40 DVD/$50 Blu-ray, out today from BBC.

Also out:

"SOUTHLAND": SEASONS 2-4 Before TNT's Season 5 starts Feb. 13, revisit previous L.A. police action (uncensored) with Ben McKenzie, Shawn Hatosy, plus location visits, scene commentary; $60, Warner.

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"EPISODES": SEASONS 1-2 Matt LeBlanc plays an inflated sitcom star who vexes his new British showrunners in Showtime's show-biz half-hour, back for Season 3 later this year; $40, CBS.

"BREAKING IN": COMPLETE SERIES Christian Slater's strange security firm owner and Bret Harrison's geek squad fuel two seasons of offbeat Fox comedy; $39, Sony (made-on-demand at Amazon.com).