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Spectacular Candice Glover's group soars, quirky Kez Ban's group finds drama on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" is down to 76 women after the first Hollywood Round cuts; and now, it's the always drama-filled Group Night. "I think some claws are going to come out tonight," one of the contestants says.

Quirky Kez Ban tells her group, "The only song I want and I will fight to the death for it is 'California Dreaming.' " She's goofy, keeps trying to persuade them to go for it. Isabelle's group is having some trouble picking a song as well.

Some groups gell, practice and are already going home. Kez Ban's group finally goes with "Be My Baby," and she says, "I sometimes say very, very stupid things in the moment." Another person in her group says, "There's always the fear that one weak person could bring the group down."

She winds up leaving at 3:25 a.m. to grab food, the rest of the group secretly plans to meet early to rehearse without her. I like her, but she may be too offbeat for the show.

Just a couple hours later contestants are woken up by the cameras. First up is Candice Glover's drama-free group -- "Swagettes" -- which also was one of the first to go to bed.

Doing "Hit 'Em Up," and they are amazing. Kamaria Ousley kicks it off, then Melinda Ademi (from Yonkers), Glover kills it in the middle and Denise Jackson brings it home. They're totally in harmony, simply but well-choreographed; they could tour right now. Judges are just beaming. 

"That was a great, great song choice," says Keith Urban, "you just put it together." 

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