It is unclear whether ABC does.

  The network or Disney have yet to make a formal declaration one way or the other, even thought the New  York Times reported a half hour ago that Disney was almost certainly not going to undergo arbiration because Fox didn't have to when it threatened to dump Time Warner.

  Nevertheless, Cablevision - which is seeking arbitration - has won two powerful allies. Here are their statements:


 Dean Skelos, Senate Republican Leader:

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        The decision by Disney ABC to pull their signal from Cablevision subscribers and deny them access to WABC-TV is unfortunate.  Last week I wrote to the heads of both companies and urged that they work around the clock to resolve their differences
before tonight's telecast of the Academy Awards.  Those negotiations must continue and both parties should agree to binding arbitration if necessary.  In the meantime, ABC Disney should restore its signal so that consumers are not held hostage during these negotiations.

  And this, from Nita Lowey (D-NY) :

"I am disappointed ABC Disney pulled its signal, denying millions of New York area households the ability to see WABC-TV.  It is time for both parties to put consumers first.

"If ABC Disney and Cablevision cannot reach an agreement allowing New Yorkers immediate access to WABC-TV, both parties should agree to a binding arbitration process to resolve this matter.  It is imperative that consumers be held harmless during this process by having the signal restored immediately."