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Stefano Langone makes us want to say goodbye on 'American Idol'

Stefano Langone is ext on "American Idol," in his white dinner jacket. His mom apparently came by the house and cooked everyone something amazing. Ryan Seacrest has some leftovers, natch, washes it down with a handy can of Coke.

Singing "Hello," he claims he's never heard the song before! Hello?! Really?!

Told to "let it grow, let it blossom," hope he can pull this off. And told to open his eyes -- yes!

Uh-oh, starts a bit cheesy, eyebrows moving all over the place, like he's really trying hard to emote. Voice is soaring, though -- ugh, not sure about this. It's such a great song. Thedanger is doing too much with it.

Yeah, and it's like he's on Broadway; big gestures, big vocals, big acting.

Jennifer Lopez is like, "let's talk a little bit . . ." Wants him to connect, "don't want the intensity to come from you wanting to do well, want it to come from your heart is breaking." That's exactly it.

Randy Jackson dittoes, "no real connection." Steven Tyler says pull back a bit. Randy then starts rambling about how Stefano should know these emotions, "you know, you've been in relationships," as his mom covers her face.

Bad boy chef Gordon Ramsay pans his mom's penne afterward -- wow, what a boor.



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