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Stephen Colbert likes time-saving tips (such as, how long it takes to read this)

Stephen Colbert will be pushing pistachios in a

Stephen Colbert will be pushing pistachios in a Super Bowl ad. Credit: Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert last night explored the feasibility of time-saving reading tips on the Internet — beginning with "never read a post that has the word "feasibility" in the first sentence.

By using Slate's new time-saving tip — telling readers how long it'd take to read a story — he understood that this could save time-pressed people hundreds of hours. (My personal rule is to make no post longer than a 15-second read, thereby saving readers even more valuable time — unless, however, you clicked on Kanye West's new video, "Bound 2," with a presumably topless Kim, in which case that ate up, possibly even wasted, five minutes of your life.) But I'm getting to my 15-second mark here .?.?.

Watch and Newsday app readers, please spend an extra 13 seconds going to to watch Stephen explain additional time-saving tips .?.?.

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