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Steven Tyler says Heejun Han could be the next 'American Idol'

Pittsburgh contestant Heejun Han, who lives in Flushing,

Pittsburgh contestant Heejun Han, who lives in Flushing, charmed and surprised the judges with his personality and his version of "How Am I Supposed to Live Without?" on the "American Idol" show airing Jan. 19, 2012. Credit: Fox

"American Idol" starts its Pittsburgh auditions with a dour Heejun Han, 22, of Flushing. He's actually pretty funny, if deadpan. He has a bunch of friends with him, one of whom says they've never heard him sing.

He's says he'll be singing "How Am I Suppose to Live Without You?" Wow, shockingly he has a really good voice. It's tender and sincere. You can't stop listening. Jennifer Lopez gets her goosies and Steven Tyler says "You sing great."

"I am really impressed and shocked," says Randy Jackson. "You've got a great understanding of where notes should go -- I think you're really great. I think you could be an 'American Idol,'" Steven Tyler says.

Yeah, he's officially my favorite so far this year-- in part cause when he comes out a screaming crowd of his friends mob him. Just totally unexpected, charming, and interesting. Plus, the guy can sing.

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