MONSTER MARATHON! Saturday, streams nine faves in the "kaiju" genre of giant beasts that have been longtime TV favorites. Included: the '50s-'70s original films of "Godzilla," "Rodan," "Ghidorah," "Terror of Mechagodzilla." Live chat, too.

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NOW STREAMING New from Netflix: Season 2 of "BoJack Horseman," the animated washed-up sitcom horse, with Will Arnett, Amy Sedaris; "Tig," with comedian Tig Notaro on her cancer diagnosis. From YouTube: "70 Years of Friendship: Thomas & Friends" documentary.

TEEN VOTING Wave Two voting is open (through Friday) for Aug. 16's Fox telecast of "Teen Choice 2015." Among the categories: movie scene stealer, TV breakout star, music breakup song, favorite athletes, best selfie taker. Visit