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Subway singer Frankie Ford steals our hearts on 'American Idol;' Shira Gavrielov impresses, too

Jessica Kartalis is up next as “American Idol” which introduces a new audition twist. Based on people's nominations, they go out to invite singers to come audition. She does a bit of an original song, is nervous and messes up the guitar parts a couple of times.

Nicki Minaj says, “I don't think you're ready yet .?.?." and isn't big on giving her another shot. Mariah Carey says she can relate to the guitar issues, but also says you're a year away. Kartalis keeps wanting to try again, but the judges wind up passing without hearing more.

“I wish people knew how many doors the people up here had closed in their face,” Minaj says to the other judges afterward.

Very limited returns, but so far I like Minaj the best of the new judges. She's blunt, but usually right. in my view.

Shira Gavrielov is next. At age 17, she says, one of her songs was “a No. 1 hit in Israel.” She's got a soulful voice, “excites” Minaj, who adds, “I just want to say that I love you.” All the judges like her, so on she moves.

Frankie Ford from Flatbush in Brooklyn is next, says he lives with his adoptive mom. Seems right away like a good, hardworking, sincere kid — sings on the subway to try and make money.

Doing Eurythmics' “Sweet Dreams,” gets nervous and starts over after a line. Wow, he's got a nice tone; plays with the pace, shaping the lyrics. There are big smiles on the faces of all the judges. There's definitely something special about him.

“Big voice, lot of musicality,” says Keith Urban. “I believe in you,” says Randy Jackson. Carey says he has an “inner glow .?.?. you can't manufacture that.”

Minaj agrees, sums it up well with, “I don't think you have the best voice here today .?.?. but there's something about you that I think the people want to see more of.”

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