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Super Bowl 2013 ads: Teaser commercials released

Super Bowl XLVII, aka the 'Baugh Bowl, is a couple of weeks away, and the time now begins to think about advertising -- who, what, where, why.

I'll fill this space as time and material permits with the new pre-released ads as they arrive. But it's worth noting that there appears to be a growing industry debate over whether to pre-release ads as opposed to debuting them during the game, thereby forcing viewers to pay a little closer attention to the commercials for whatever surprises they offer. The pre-release, of course, builds viral action, but that doesn't do a whole lot for the in-game commercial because viewers have already seen it. You'll note I refer here to “viewers,” a word an advertiser  never ever uses. They speak only of “consumers,” but for the purposes of a TV blog, I'll stick with “viewers.”

There is a good middle ground and that is the “tease."  Super Bowl teases, which suggest something amazing will be contained in the in-game ad, have been around as long as the Internet, but I suspect there could be a few more of them this season. They accomplish a couple of things from the advertisers' perspective: 1.) Build anticipation; 2.) don't give away the whole store before the game.

Not everyone will have teases, which are very expensive. That Golden Pistachios ad, starring Psy, for example, will apparently only do the in-game commercials, but for those who do... get ready for the barrage!

I offer a couple here which could give you a clue of what to expect online over the next couple weeks. Will these appear within the game? Good question. I don't know, but it's likely most of these are designed for pregame consumption. Plus, don't forget, advertisers paid an average $3.8 million per 30. By way of explanation, the Mercedes CLA tease could be suggesting all sorts of things (Kate Upton stars in one of their game ads), including a less pricey car.


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