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Super Bowl 2013: Highest rated in history in metered markets

So the great Superdome blackout of 2013 didn't really have much of an impact after all -- or maybe it had a huge one (let the debate begin): Super Bowl XLVII nailed down history Sunday in the overnight “metered” markets, scoring a 48.1 rating and 71 share.

Per CBS, that's a hair over last year's Giants' beatdown of the Patriots. Interesting note here: Baltimore got an 83 share of viewing (meaning 83 percent of all TV sets turned on there were tuned to the Super Bowl) while San Francisco and New York didn't even fall in the top 10.

The question now becomes, will this become the highest rated and most viewed in all of TV history? I think that's a good bet simply because CBS's station lineup is so potent and because CBS's core strength is in smaller, meaning unmetered, markets. Many of those may well exceed the bigger cities. So I'm thinking record all the way.

Impact of the blackout? One could argue now that it actually helped ratings because it was so freaky and even non-Super Bowl-viewers -- like viewers of the Puppy Bowl -- tuned in to see what was happening.

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