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Super Bowl 44: The (commercial) winners

David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno, record

David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey and Jay Leno, record a commercial that aired during the broadcast of the NFL Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2010. Photo Credit: CBS

 Hey kids, what did you think of that Super Bowl. 

  (The Saints win. I'm happy. Next year, the Giants.)

  But I speak of the ads...

  Not good.

  With the exception of the CBS house ad for Letterman and "Late Show."

VIDEO: 2010 Super Bowl Ads

VIDEO: 2010 Super Bowl

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  Ahhhhhh. Now that's what I'm talking 'bout. A commercial that breaks news.  Even if you have to ask yourself - "what news? " Didn't these guys hate each other? Why is Oprah here? oh..that's right. She just interviewed Jay...

  There will be a lot of chatter about this the next few days - and NBC will be happy because Leno wraps on Tuesday.

  But the obvious question will be: What does it all mean?  

   At this moment, right now, at 11:02 after a terrific Super Bowl, the only answer I can muster is: Nothing.

  But give me a couple hours. Am sure I'll come up with something.

  Meanwhile, here's my wrap for tomorrow's Newsday.

  See if you agree, or disagree. But frankly, I was disappointed. This was a rather sad Super Bowl commercial spectacle and I most certainly do have a theory about that.

  Here it is: We are in the worst recession/depression in more than eighty years. The advertising industry is in  terrible shape too. Tonight was a reflection of that. 


 Some good. Some bad. Some smart. Some sad.
  But memorable - truly memorable Super Bowl XLIV commercials?
  Of course, there was at least one. (Letterman and Leno.)
  Otherwise, let the debates begin, or perhaps by now, they've already ended. And
honestly, it will be very difficult to find anyone, anywhere, who will say "boy,
THAT was $200 million well spent!"
  Overall it was a disappointing commercial spectacle. Certainly there was some fun, and provocative, moments. But very very few. Even the Tim Tebow ad - full of controversial sturm and drang - ended with a tackle of his poor mother. What exactly was that about? 
Indeed, the Tebow ad - featuring the Florida Heisman trophy winner and his mother - was more of a curiosity than a lightning rod. "I call him my miracle baby," his mother said, referring - though not specifically saying - to a doctor's recommendation some year's earlier that she has an abortion. By the commercial's conclusion, he sacked her (seriously), and mom said: "You're not nearly as tough as I am." (There was nothing offensive about the ad, except that last part.)

  My top five picks...

 1.) David Letterman, Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey: In which the queen of daytime brokers peace in late night. This was one of the great ads in Super Bowl history - a piece a theater that we (or at  least I) ll remember for a long time.

2.) Dodge Charger: What we all expect from terrific Super Bowl ads. The guy who promises to give his wife everything - "I will carry your lip your vampire shows with you.." - but he gets to
buy the muscle car.

3.) Bridgestone Killer Whale. Charging down the pier, the car fishtails - or whaletails - and the ol' orca comes tumbling out the back into the drink.  Beautifully directed and executed.

4.) Google: This one came late in the game, and there was much to admire - a wonderful quirky funny payoff. But why is Google advertising in the Super Bowl? Worried about Bing?

5.) A tie: Vizio and Motorola. Two terrific commercials. Vizio, the TV manufacturer, made an ad that forced me to...Google; and Motorola and Megan Fox? How could this one go wrong? It didn't.

 Now the stinkers:

1.) Coke/Mr. Burns: This one is debatable but how can an iconic beverage take an iconic show – along with one of its iconic characters, Mr. Burns – and make it dull and foolish? Mr. Burns does not smile. He never has – except maliciously. Yet Coke turned him into a nice guy? Meh…

2.) Doritos: Some of the most memorable ads in SB (recent) history and those from last night were just creepy. (The guy falling out of the coffin…?!!)

3.) Go Daddy: Again, a terrible waste of money.   

4.) Was that a beaver or badger playing the violin (or viola?) 

5.) Lance Armstrong and Michelob Light. Why, Lance. Whyyy???


 VIDEO: 2010 Super Bowl Ads

 VIDEO: 2010 Super Bowl

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