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"Super Chef Battle" on WPIX Sunday

Honey mustard Cornish hens

Honey mustard Cornish hens Photo Credit: Marge Perry



 Oh most unhappy Food Network fans - whose TV lives have been sorely disrupted by the standoff between the corporate parent of TFN, Scripps,  and Cablevision: Good news!
  You can see the "Super Chef Battle: An Iron Chef America Event" this Sunday on PIX and a Hartford station. Scripps cut an OTO deal with the stations.

This is called "bypassing" C'Vision AND sticking it under its nose at the same time. The battle just got hotter.

  C'vision ain't too pleased either. The comment: "If Scripps wanted people in this market to see Iron Chef they shouldn't have irresponsibly yanked their programming off Cablevision and held their own viewers hostage in pursuit of a $20 million annual rate increase.  They should put their channels back on Cablevision while we negotiate an agreement that is fair for everyone."

    I don't know anything about this "Super Chef Battle" - don't even know how to boil water - but am told it was some huge deal this past Sunday when Scripps pulled outta C'vision in that nasty sub fee dispute.   Fans were morose. Be morose no more. At least for one night. Then go back to being morose.

  "We have the greatest fans in the world,” said Brooke Johnson, president of Food Network,in a statement. “Nobody likes the situation, with Cablevision customers being the only viewers in the country who can’t watch our networks as we introduce a number of new special and series in January. These encore presentations are just a small way to say ‘thank you’ for their support and understanding while we do everything we can to get our networks back on Cablevision.” 

  It'll air Sunday on Ch. 11 and a Hartford station - WTXX, which is also carried on C'vision in Fairfield county. This means Scripps is still kinda getting its programs on Cablevision.

 It seems clever, and good for fans, but can it happen again? I find that hard to believe - unless Pix gets a 30 rating for the program in which it'll rename itself the Food Station and air anything and everything Food Network wants to give it.

  Here's the program line on this Sunday's show, airing 8-10:
"In Super Chef Battle, Iron Chef America commentator Alton Brown explains that the Chairman has sent the three Food Network chefs to Washington, D.C. for a very
special battle and introduces Chef Cristeta Comerford, who will also take part in the competition. The group is then greeted by Michelle Obama, who explains that the
chefs will be allowed to use anything found in The White House Kitchen Garden to help them create their meals."



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