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'Superman' collection and more TV on DVD

Christopher Reeve stars in "Superman III." (1983)

Christopher Reeve stars in "Superman III." (1983) Credit: Getty Images


What's here Warner Bros. salutes the studio's 90th anniversary with box sets like this treat/oddity. Man of Steel fans get first seasons of George Reeves' 1950s half-hour "Adventures of Superman," the '80s hour "Lois & Clark" and recent WB hit "Smallville." Animation here includes Vol. 1 of 1996 "Superman: The Animated Series," 1988 Ruby-Spears "Superman" and 1966 "New Adventures of Superman." Also, from movie theaters: Max Fleischer's '40s cartoons and '40s live-action serials with Kirk Alyn. Plus 2007 DVD movie "Superman/Doomsday."

Extras Existing bonus features from previous releases, plus 24-page guide.

List price $100 for 30 discs (three flip-platter cases in red cardboard box), Warner.

Other new Father's Day options:

HANNA-BARBERA 25 CARTOON COLLECTION: BEST OF WARNER BROS Badly (mis-/non-)labeled set turns out to offer first-time-on-DVD shorts with Hokey Wolf, Snagglepuss, Loopy De Loop, Abbott & Costello, among other slapdash selections made 1959-1967; $27 for 2 discs, Warner.

ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE PRESIDENTS American politics take shape in History's chronological docuseries; $25 for 3 discs, Lionsgate.

THE LINCOLN CHRONICLES Variable-quality Civil War documentaries, plus Hal Holbrook in 1974 miniseries "Sandburg's Lincoln"; $30 for 10 sleeved discs, Mill Creek.

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