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'Survivor' gamechanger

Television show host Jeff Probst accepts the Outstanding

Television show host Jeff Probst accepts the Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program award for "Survivor" onstage during the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre on Sept. 20, 2009, in Los Angeles. Credit: Getty Images

  Jeff Probst dropped a mini-bombshell on last night's "Survivor: Nicaraugua" finale that - at the time - didn't quite feel like such a big deal, but in fact it is: The game of "Survivor" is about to change.

  Late in the show during the contestant de-briefing, Jeff said that that old standbye "when you're out you're out" rule will not exactly apply next season, and that when you're out, you might be able to come back.

  It'll work this way: When a contestant is voted off, he or she will head to Redemption Island - metaphorically named, of course - where they'll be able to redeem themselves. They'll hang out for a few days, and then when the next contestant is voted off, he or she will  also head to the island where they'll engage in some sort off sudden-death round. Not sure what that will entail, but - again, metaphorically speaking, no one presumably dies. The winner who is left standing at the end of the overall game will then return to the full-fledged game and get one last chance at upsetting the remaining contestants who had a hand in dispatching her/him in the first place.

  Yeah, an interesting twist indeed.

  Who won this season's titanic battle between the old-ish and the young-ish? In an otherwise underwhelming season, that would be...sorry, you're gonna have to watch the clip...


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