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Sweet songs from Todrick Hall, Thaddeus Johnson and Siobhan Magnus on 'American Idol'

Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens are seen in room one as they go through the contestants here, and we get a bit of Jermaine Sellers doing a sweeet "Man in the Mirror," as 'American Idol' reveals its top 24 semifinalists, and Ryan really goes overboard with the drama. Oddly, Jermaine ends his nice song by saying basically the band didn't do his ending.

Siobhan Magnus, who I think we're seeing for the first time, finally sings her age, "Living in the City." It seems really cool; Crystal Bowersox, who we all like except she might be too much, does her take on "If It Makes You Happy." Great pick, again, sounds like something you'd hear on the radio -- plus she's playing the guitar and harmonica.

Alex Lambert plays "I'm Yours" on the ukulele, it's really interesting. Michael Lynche does a nice straight-forward version, Todrick Hall totally puts his own spin on it, I like his the best by far of the three, he's totally creative.

Thaddeus Johnson gets the crowd going after the band starts playing the wrong song for him, they think he's someone else. He busts out on "Man in the Mirror," it's totally infectious, he brings out the inner joy of the song, it's one of the best things we've heard during Hollywood Week; his mom is like busting out. He's in room one, so he's fine.

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