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Swimming into 'Shark Week's' 25th anniversary

Palmyra Atoll, Pacific: A blacktip reef shark in

Palmyra Atoll, Pacific: A blacktip reef shark in the waters off the atoll. Credit: L.A. Times

"Shark Week" will turn 25 in just two days, leaving but one obvious and inescapable question: What's new? What could possibly be new? How many great white shark attacks — and the tales of those who have survived them — could possibly be stretched out over 25 years?

But as fans know, "Shark Week" is nothing if not a celebration of diversity. There's something new every year, but I'd direct your attention to at least two unique developments this season: "MythBusters" and "Sharkzilla."

The 'Buster boys, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, attack/discard a number of shark myths; while the show "Sharkzilla" will build a life-size replica of a megalodon — an extinct behemoth and quite possibly the largest predator that ever existed .?.?.

 Both air Monday on the Discovery Channel — the schedule, for the rest of the lineup.

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