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Sylar does Gershwin



  Mike Fleming of writes this morning that Zach Quinto's next project will be as George Gershwin in a Spielberg Dreamwork's production...

  Per Mike: "DreamWorks is even supplying accent and dialogue coaches for Quinto, and shooting could begin as soon as April. Doug Wright wrote the script, and Marc Platt and singer/pianist Michael Feinstein are producing. A DreamWorks insider says this is one of 3 projects Spielberg is looking at for his next piccause he's anxious to get back to work."

  And of course, you're asking the same thing I'm asking:

  Can Zach play like George?

 (Or will Feinstein be his body double?) 

  I don't know 'bout playing, but Zach can sing. As evidence, here's a duet with Chris Pine...And the real Gershwin follows, as further evidence of what sort of prep work Quinto is in for. (That's why they call it acting...)



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