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Good Evening

Take 5: Kramer's ideas, for butter or worse

In the don't-try-this-at home department, Aug. 26's "Seinfeld" episode (11:30 p.m., WNYW/5) features another of Cosmo Kramer's (Michael Richards) crazy schemes: Using butter instead of shaving cream to shave his face. (Kramer's skin feels so good, he decides to spread butter all over his body. Alas, he falls asleep while sunbathing and begins to cook.) Here are five more of Kramer's ideas:

1. The coffee-table book about celebrities' coffee tables (that folds out to become a coffee table).

2. The "bro" (aka the manssiere), a support undergarment for men.

3. Cologne that smells like the beach.

4. Only wearing clothes that are fresh out of the dryer.

5. Redecorating his apartment with the set of "The Merv Griffin Show."

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