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Take 5: Shaking things up in San Francisco

"Alcatraz" (debuting Monday at 8 p.m. on Fox/5) concerns a team trying to track down a group of prisoners who disappeared in 1963 from the island prison and have now reappeared -- unaged -- in modern-day San Francisco. The J.J. Abrams drama is the latest series about crimesolvers to be set in the City by the Bay. Here are five others:

1. IRONSIDE (1967-75) -- In his first post-"Perry Mason" role, Raymond Burr starred as the wheelchair-bound special consultant to the San Francisco Police Department. (Ironside had been the SFPD's chief of detectives, but had to leave the force after being paralyzed by a would-be assassin's bullet.)

2. McMILLAN AND WIFE (1971-77) -- In this lighthearted mystery series, Rock Hudson played the San Francisco police commissioner who found himself solving cases with his wife (Susan Saint James).

3. STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO (1972-77) -- This popular series, filmed entirely on location in San Francisco, starred Karl Malden as a veteran cop teamed with a younger partner (Michael Douglas, in his breakout role).

4. NASH BRIDGES (1996-2001) -- Don Johnson played the wisecracking title character, who led the elite Special Investigations Unit of the SFPD.

5. MONK (2002-09) -- Tony Shalhoub was the phobic private eye, who had been a SFPD detective. He was discharged from the force after suffering a nervous breakdown in the wake of his wife's murder.

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