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Tasha Layton is all 'pure and wholesome' on 'American Idol'

Thousands of hopefulls line up at the Rose

Thousands of hopefulls line up at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles for the chance to become the next AMERICAN IDOL. Photo Credit: FOX

Tasha Layton, who has a good look and is a personal assistant by day and a minister by night, sings "Baby Baby Baby" as "American Idol" returns from break. Nice, pleasant voice. Katy Perry says she "loves a good southern belle" and Simon says people will like you.

Of course she's through.. Big smile, with her look and likeability, she may be a real wild card. There's something slightly dorky about her too that I like, after she yells "I'm going to Hollywood" she asks the camera, "now what do I do." Ryan says she just made Hollywood more pure and wholesome.

Jason Greene, shows up with tons of attitude, but just seems kind of jerky to me and almost bizarre with his intense non-blinking. Does "Touch Myself" and it's just bad. Katy makes fun of him and he keeps trying to be clever with Simon.

He gets rejected. Afterward, he gives Ryan his number, who then gives it to a burly security guard, saying, "Jason, as much as you may believe what you read, here's the one you should give it to."

Ha. We'll just leave that one alone.

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