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TCA: CBS soundbites

As the network portion of the TV Critic's tour winds down tonight, it occurs to me that there's been a lot of talk at this thing...

There always is, of course, but talk tends to be ephemeral, and what was said a minute ago, is quickly forgotten. So before it recedes into deep history, I thought I'd pull up some soundbites from each network sesh. 

Here's CBS...

Chuck Lorre on "The Big Bang's" move to Thursday...

"....nobody asked my opinion, and, frankly, you know, one assumes they’ve given it a lot of thought, and it’s a good thing for the show. You know, I mean, given where we are now after three seasons, I’d be crazy to argue with the choices that CBS has made along the way because it’s been — it’s just, look at this. This is wonderful. So if they think this is a
good call, then that’s great. Our job is to make a good show. It’s not to program the show. You know, we grow the crops. We don’t have the truck that brings it to market."

Tom Selleck in "Blue Bloods," and move to series TV...

" know, having done a lead, as I did in “Magnum,” I was in every shot. And I wasn’t
complaining, but it’s a tough road. And “Magnum” was never canceled. I kind of left it after eight years because I was tired from it, not tired of it. So it’s always been a consideration. And this really just seemed to fit perfect. The script was terrific. The idea that it was going to shoot in New York, while again, being — causing a family consideration, was too good to pass up because I think in this show – and you could see it in the script — it’s another character in the show."

Jim Belushi, on the characters of new 'Vegas legal drama, "The Defenders"...

"... These guys...are characters in the original documentary. They are so bright. They are so — they have great strategies in the courtroom, and in real life and the rest of their life, they’re kind of not so good. They’re not so good with women. There’s a great comic element between one of the exchanges where he’s talking to a stripper. It was a terrible exchange, but it intrigued me that these guys are so brilliant on the floor, and like our characters, we’re morons with women."

William Shatner... just being the Shat...

"I started in live television. I was there when the cameras were as big as this table, had
internal fans that were whirring and tubes that – because of the heat of the tubes and had to come as close as this for a close-up. I was there. And, now, there’s — we are talking about green screen and putting us in locations that we’ll never visit. Unfortunately, we can’t go to Paris. But we put us in Paris in this show and never leave the warmth of Warner Bros. It is beyond irony. It is trying to catch the tiger by the tail. It’s a miracle, what has happened to us. The miracle is our inventiveness, and theragedy of our lives is our inventiveness. It’s beyond irony. It’s whatever term you guys can come up with."

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