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TCA: 'Glee's' Sue Sylvester autobiography

Jane Lynch stars as Sue on "Glee," the

Jane Lynch stars as Sue on "Glee," the one-hour comedy musical series on Fox. Credit: FOX

Some of us think we know all there is to know about Sue Sylvester, queen of the Cheerios, but as it turns out, there is a vast backstory.  

Expect to have that committed to an autobiogrpahy, Ryan Murphy -- "Gleek" supremo -- said yesterday. He said Jane Lynch will take the book on tour and sign it herself as Sue Sylvester. 

(Obvious inscription? "I AM the greatest...")

Murphy presided over a rather productive "Glee" session, although just about anything he might say about the super-hot show would qualify as news at this point.

Here's the quick overview that is running in Newsday tomorrow...

Beverly Hills -  There was an unexpected outbreak of "Glee" news late yesterday, courtesy of show-runner Ryan Murphy, who met with critics at the Beverly Hilton. So, for the benefit of you Gleeks out there in the reading audience, let's get straight to it:
  - Instead of "over stuffing" the second season, "Glee" will go smaller, and "dwell on the supporting characters." Expect "big storylines" for Brittany (Heather Morris) and others.
 - Paul McCartney approached Murphy about including some classics on the show (including "Michelle.") "I was gobsmacked," of course." Part of one episode will include some songs.
- An original music episode is forthcoming, with the kids assigned to write their own songs. Expect five originals from that episode.
- A Sue Sylvester autobiography is forthcoming. Seriously. Jane Lynch will take it on tour, and sign copies, "Sue Sylvester."
- The second season's first episode is called "Auditions," but the third will be "controversial." It's about "faith, and kids talking about what God means to them."
  Murphy also spoke about those “kids” – the cast – saying, “After what he called the "Big O Weekend" - when the cast appeared on both "Oprah" and before the president at the White House - he held a meeting in his office with everyone. "I said, let's go around the office and talk about where we were a year ago. One of the kids was working at a gas station, others were out of work. They got in touch with who they were and where they came from and why they were doing [the show.] They are sweet and lovely kids [who] got sucked into something that they didn’t know would be so big. The fact that they are so close [to one another] has helped them keep their heads on straight.”



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