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69° Good Afternoon

TCA: Is Fox's 'Lone Star' the critical fave?

Just shy of a week old, there is already a detectable sense of weainess that has set in among critics here (or is it just me projecting?). But speaking of detectable senses, did one detect some excitement this morning over Fox's new after-"House" drama, "Lone Star," about a pair of grifters who weave their black magic through the Lone Star State? 

I think I did -- detected that, in any event. Show stars Jon Voight, David Keith, James Wolk (pretty much a new face, and good in the pilot), Adriane Palicki, Eloise Mumford, Mark Delkin and Bryce Johnson. Show's tricky to describe, but a father/son grifter team con unsuspecting Texans into buying shares in oil rigs they don't own.  

Show is different - and "different" can sometimes mean "good.' The buzz on "Lone Star" feels good.


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